transforming reactivity Virtual Group class

Are you embarrassed and fed up with your dog’s reactive outbursts at other dogs or people on walks? Join our small group training course Transforming Reactivity and start enjoying calm, joyful walks with your dog. 

In these six, 45-minute sessions you will learn:

The four components of reducing reactivity and how to implement them with your dog
How to limit reactive outbursts at home, in the car and on walks right away so you get the relief you need
How to transform your dog’s reactivity using fun training games
Tools for creating fun at home outlets for your dog’s energy for when walks aren’t an option


transforming reactivity Group class

SIX group sessions

On-demand orientation
Live, one-on-one goal-setting session
Six live, 45-minute virtual group training sessions
Coaching on your at-home training sessions
Video homework library
Weekly office hours

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